More Investment in Broadband needed.



North Antrim Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has called for more Government investment to increase Broadband and mobile coverage across the Constituency.

Mr. McGuigan made the call after he and Party Councillors met with Ofcom.

“North Antrim is a rural constituency but that is no excuse for many parts not having proper access to Broadband. Many businesses depend on the internet and lack of coverage is certainly affecting investment opportunities in this Constituency. That is true from Ballymena to Ballycastle and everywhere in between.

“Myself and Councillors raised many individual areas were coverage is of a poor standard. I welcome and understand the work that the Executive has done so far that has certainly improved the situation for a lot of families and businesses and I welcome the Universal service obligation which has set targets between now and 2020.

“I recently wrote to the Minister for the Economy on this subject and I hope that there is additional investment in the budget that will allow some of the necessary work to be done in a quicker timeframe. I also think that the two Councils in the constituency should continue to look at investment and other possibilities to assist improvement. In the 21st Century super fast broadband is an essential service made available to all.”

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