Carrowdoon Road Hidden Dip highlighted – McLaughlin


Sinn Féin councillor Cathal McLaughlin has said that Transport NI need to upgrade road signage on the Carowdoon Road in Dunloy.

“As political representatives on the ground we, as councillors, depend on constituents to identify black spots, vulnerable to accidents from time to time where agencies concerned such as Transport NI and other local bodies are required to take corrective measures like putting up road signs or speed signs.

“Recently I have contacted Transport NI on several road issues around Cloughmills, Dunloy and Rasharkin and I thank them that some of these have been treated accordingly.

“One, which I am disappointed hasn’t been identified as needing addressed, is on the Carrowdoon Road in Dunloy where a dip in the road has been causing concern for residents who live there and have children leaving the safety of their house in the mornings to wait for their bus to attend school.

“Traffic approaching, sometimes at high speed have no idea what is on the other side of the dip until it is too late.

“On this occasion I am disappointed that TNI don’t think that this hidden dip on the road meets the criteria for a sign to warn oncoming traffic. I have asked them to look again at this decision.

Cllr McLaughlin concluded by saying,

“It should also be noted that there is a clear onus on all motorists to drive in a safe manner, exercising due care and attention, taking into account the conditions of the road.”IMG_0018.JPG

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