Answers and Action required on RHI – McGuigan

Sinn Féin North Antrim MLA Philip McGuigan has reiterated his party position that answers and action are required on the RHI scheme for public confidence to be restored.

Speaking at a meeting in Dunloy the MLA said:

“Nobody is disputing the disaster that this Renewable Heating Scheme has turned out to be. I completely understand the frustration that that the public feel over this. What we need now is three things.

“We need answers and information about the origins, regulation and implementation of the scheme. Sinn Féin have already said and I repeat that all those with information including the three DUP Ministers -Sammy Wilson, Jonathan Bell and Arlene Foster – should make themselves available to the Public Accounts Committee to answer questions on their roles in the scheme.

“Secondly we need all the information on the beneficiaries of the scheme to be made public.

“Thirdly it is vital that action is taken to close the scheme in such as way to protect the public  purse and the taxpayer by clawing back money.

“No political or commercial interests should be allowed to impede the truth of all of this being found and getting thumbnail_7to the bottom of this disaster nor should any political nor commercial interests be protected”

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