McLaughlin Welcomes Additional Road Inspection

Sinn Féin Councillor Cathal McLaughlin has welcomed additional inspection measures on the Ballinaloob and Mullan Roads by Roads Service to ensure safety of Road users.

Cllr. McLaughlin said:

“Following requests from Philip McGuigan MLA’s office Transport NI have repaired defects on both Balinaloob and Mullan roads and also agreed to increase the inspection frequency on the Balinaloob road.

“Given the significantly increased traffic volumes on this road arising from the A26 diversion, the increased inspection frequency to expedite the identification and repair of any future defects on this road is very welcome. This will continue  until such times as the A26 mainline reopens and traffic volumes on Ballinaloob Road return to normal.

“I also welcome the remedial work agreed on the Mullan Road. It is vital that the standard of our rural roads remains high and safe for all road users.”


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