Arrogance of the DUP has angered more than just Nationalists and Republicans – McGuigan


Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has said that the public is quite rightly angered and frustrated at how the arrogance of the DUP have led to a political crisis and sees no evidence to suggest that the anger will dissipate.

Mr. McGuigan said

“There is justifiable public anger and resentment  over the DUP led RHI scandal and mismanagement and potential corruption of huge amounts of public money. Add to this their sheer arrogance and inability of the DUP to work in a genuine partnership with others on the basis of equality.

“The citizens I have met across North Antrim since Sinn Féin took the decision to withdraw from the position of Deputy First Minister understand and fully support that decision. Everyone wants the political institutions to work but people recognise that they can only work with public confidence, good governance and genuine partnership.  Sinn Féin have said we want an election to allow the public to have their say. We have also stated that there can be no return to an Executive based on the past approach of the DUP.

Mr McGuigan finishedby saying:

“I welcome the decision of Paul Givan to reverse the cuts to the Líofa bursary for disadvantaged children. Time will tell if it is a shift in DUP attitude towards the Irish Language or a cynical attempt at political deflection.”

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