Equality and Proper Partnership will be key to future of Government – McGuigan

Sinn Féin in North Antrim have selected sitting MLA Philip McGuigan to be their candidate in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

Speaking after being selected Mr. Guigan said:

“It is obviously an honour to be given the opportunity to represent Sinn Féin. This will be a very important election for the citizens of North Antrim. The current crisis created by the DUP has pinpointed the need for competency in Government, the need for transparent Government and especially the need for proper partnership and equality in Government.

“There is clearly an angry and frustrated mood within the public created by the scandalous RHI debacle. The public need to have their chance to have their say through an election. Since the Sinn Féin initiative taken by Martin McGuiness I have encountered lots of support and goodwill for our position.

“Sinn Féin want the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement to work. We have invested heavily over the past 10 years to try and make them work. We want to be in government making good decisions about Health, Education, Infrastructure, Investment, Jobs, our position on special status within the EU and much more. We have said that in any negotiations after the election that will be our position. For public confidence to exist in the Assembly though there will need to be a sea change in attitude from any potential partners in Government towards Equality and Rights for all our citizens.”



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