Action to improve safety of cyclists on roads required – McGuigan

Sinn Féin’s Philip McGuigan has said that a change in attitude and legislation is required to improve the safety of cyclists on our roads and to change the relationship between cyclists and vehicles who are entitled to use the roads.

His comments come after a meeting he organised today between Cycling Ulster, the PSNI and the cycling unit within the Department for Infrastructure.

Mr.McGuigan who himself is a keen cyclist said:

“The growth in cycling across the North has been dramatic in recent years. That is a good thing. The Minister for Infrastructure has been very good with regard to increasing safe cycling in our cities and also developing the Greenway plan. This meeting today was about developing a similar approach for all roads and instigating a conversation that can lead to action that allows our roads to be safer for cyclists so that others can be encouraged to take up cycling.

“There is an awful lot of misconceptions about the rules of the road and the relationship between vehicles and bikes. There needs to be eduction, publicity campaigns and changes to legislation to ensure that cyclists and vehicular road users are aware of their responsibilities and can coexist.

“We could certainly learn from some other European countries who have a much more proactive approach and in some cases minimum passing requirements. Road safety of all who use the road –pedestrian, cyclist, vehicles- must be a priority moving forward.”fullsizerender-3

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