McGuigan Raises concerns over PIP application process

North Antrim Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has raised concerns about PIP applications with the Department of Communities.

Mr McGuigan said,

“I have raised concerns about the PIP (personal independence payment) application process with the Department of Communities

“These issues arise with Capita who are carrying out the assessments on the Departments behalf.”

“In the past with DLA applications medical questionnaires were sent to Doctors and medical staff. This is not now the case and responsibility has been placed on applicant to seek and provide medical evidence. “

 “It is also a fact that not all applicants are asked to provide information in this way.”

 “These changes from past practices, and discrepancies in the application process have caused confusion for Doctors and applicants alike. It is also causing much distress in some cases.

 “Clarity and a consistent approach is needed from the Department on this in the interests of the vulnerable people trying to access this benefit”


One thought on “McGuigan Raises concerns over PIP application process”

  1. Just got letter today from capita coming to see me on 13th of April at my home don’t need this at min what I going through


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