North Antrim will suffer if the DUP and Tories get their way on Brexit – McShane

18881768_1271472469617472_4086134568085781064_nSpeaking after a meeting with Sinn Féin TD and Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald and MEP Martina Anderson, North Antrim Westminster Candidate Cara Mc Shane has said that Special Status for the North:

“Will be the only protection the people of this Constituency of North Antrim have against the potential devastation of Brexit.”

Cllr. McShane continued

“North Antrim is heavily dependant on the Agriculture and Tourism sectors. These industries along with other businesses will be greatly affected if the DUP and the Tories get their way on Brexit. Sinn Féin are working towards special status for the North within Europe. We want to protect businesses and protect people and their livelihoods. This election gives everyone an opportunity to come out and endorse our position.”

“I have been very encouraged with the response and support we have been getting at the doors right across North Antrim and everyone is well aware that Sinn Féin will use our substantial political strength and influence across this island and across Europe.”

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