North Antrim Candidate Cara McShane thanks all who voted for Sinn Féin


Councillor Cara McShane has thanked all who came out in huge numbers to give Sinn Féin its biggest ever vote in the Constituency.

Cllr. McShane said:

“I want to personally thank everyone who came out and voted for me and Sinn Féin in this election. In March people saw the power of their vote. In this election we were able to build on that momentum and increase the Sinn Féin vote to the largest ever in this Constituency.

“Along with the historic success of Sinn Féin across the North, this vote in North Antrim again sends a very powerful message that people want No Borders on this island; that they are opposed to Tory Cuts and attacks on our public services; that they want progressive politics of Equality and Respect; and legislation that protects peoples Rights and Entitlements.

“That is what we in Sinn Féin will be pursuing. We will use the mandate that we have been given to help make peoples lives better.”

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