Proposed Health Cuts are going to Impact most Vulnerable – McGuigan


Speaking at the Northern Trust public Consultation meeting last night in the Braid centre, Ballymena, North Antrim Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has said the proposed cuts to the Northern Trust area of £13 million if implemented will increase pressure on staff, increase waiting lists, and ultimately have a major impact on the most vulnerable within our society.

During the meeting Mr. McGuigan said:
“Our Health service needs investment to allow for necessary transformation not cuts to its budget. These proposed cuts to staff and Elective Care if implemented will result in bed closures, longer waiting lists, greater pressure on staff and other parts of the health service such as Gp’s and A&E departments in Antrim Area and Causeway Hospitals which are already under pressure.
“Given that we are entering the Winter period which traditionally increases demand on the Health Service it is imperative that we stop the implementation of these proposals. This is a fact admitted to by the Trust Chief Executive when he said during the meeting in a response to me that “come December and January hospitals will be in very serious difficulty.”
“Other cuts proposed in Community Rehabilitation services and Domiciliary Care packages are going to affect the ability for acute discharges and have a major impact on the care and treatment for our elderly.”
“Sinn Féin are opposed to these cuts and we need to see the Department rethink these proposals. We need investment in our public services. More and more almost on a daily basis as an elected representative I am seeing the impact of British Tory austerity on the people of the North across all services. This needs to stop.”

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