McGuigan condemns those who targeted elderly resident in Dunloy theft.

Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has alerted people to the dangers of allowing strangers, purporting to be from government agencies, into their homes without first checking their identity.

His comments come after two men claiming to be from NI Water stole money from an elderly person in Dunloy last week.

Mr.McGuigan said

“Nobody should allow anyone into their house before validating their identity and the purpose of their visit. This message cannot be stated often enough. Anyone from a government or public body will have an official identity card and will have had prior correspondence about a visit. They will also be happy to wait outside until their identity is checked.

“On this occasion two males, pretending to be from NI Water, conned their way into the home of an elderly resident of Dunloy on the pretext of checking a problem with their water supply. Whilst one of the men was distracting the person the other stole a sum of money.

“These people will generally, though not exclusively be targeting elderly people who are living alone.It is important that we alert the whole community to these dangers and that people of all ages can feel secure and protected in their home. We should also be continually vigilant to what is going on around us within our neighbours paying particular attention to elderly citizens living alone.”



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